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Be part of this exciting Intermediate UX course starting October 23rd, provided by 2 Senior Experience UX’ers with years of experience in UX & Design.

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- 6-week training course
- 12 students per class max
- Once a week from 6:30 pm- 9:00 pm.

Who is the Training for?
Our Intermediate course will help you build on your existing skills and give you the confidence to undertake projects you never thought you could before. The intermediate programme is perfect for this who have existing experience in UX to help take their careers to the next stage. It is suitable for a range of different career backgrounds and job roles.

On the course you will learn about:
- User Journey Maps: An important design tool to understand product service interactions from the users’ point of view.
- Fast Prototyping Techniques: Rapid prototyping enables you to quickly create an initial version of a final product
- Using Data in Design: Data-driven design can enable you to make informed decisions about products, to help create better and robust experiences
- Design Thinking: A method for practical, creative resolution of problems. proven and repeatable problem solving approach.
- Pattern Libraries: Thorough overview and examples of software design patterns that you can apply in your daily development
- Lean UX Principles: Identify best practices for research and testing within an agile environment

Course Structure

Week 1: Conduct Advanced User Research
Week 2: Effective Interaction Design Techniques
Week 3: Design Thinking
Week 4: Fast Prototyping & Pattern Libraries
Week 5: Leveraging Qual/Quan Research
Week 6: Analytics & Data-Driven Design

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"With 3 years of UX Design experience, the course was a great way of consolidating all my knowledge and putting in practice all the theory. The main difference with an University course is the approach, much more industry-oriented. In fact, we worked on a project from the very start to the end, caring deeply about every single part, in order to build a good study showcase. This will allow me to add a good piece in my portfolio. I think my favourite moment was the beginning of the process, when we didn’t really know where we were going, but thanks to user interviews we realised how much can change the initial brief according to the feasibility and the target availability." - Sabrina Morellat

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Jiri Jerabek & Froso Ellina

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