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    Cloud & Infrastructure Live

    Cloud & Infrastructure Live Part of our new Live series! What will the world of enterprise IT look like in five years' time? This is a question that all IT leaders need to ask themselves as the...

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    Introduction to Data Visualisation

    Harness color, composition, interactivity, and annotation to tell your data story. Tailor your visualisations to your audience’s needs and integrate critical thinking into your design decisions. De...

    Data visualisation
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    Introduction to Text Mining

    "Learn the foundations of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Learn how text mining tools have been used successfully by social scientists. Understand basic text processing techniques. Understand...

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    Practical Data Management with R

    Have a good understanding of how R works Be able to perform a wide range of data management tasks. Have the knowledge and skills to apply an extensive set of data exploratory and visualization tec...

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    Research Design in Social Data Science

    Gain an understanding of the emerging field of social data science as a big data-driven approach to social science research. Learn about elements of data collection, design, methodology, validity, ...

    Social science data
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    How to Build a Chatbot

    This is a two day course on how to build a chatbot for your business or organization. Day one provides a non-technical hands-on workshop where we will build a simple chatbot for Facebook Messeng...

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