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  • 1

    Intro to Python Programming for Analytics

    Whether you have experience in programming or are looking to get started for the first time, getting involved in the Python community will put you on the fast track to honing your skills. In this w...

  • 3

    Web Development Immersive

    Gain the skills to launch a career in web development, from Javascript to Ruby on Rails. Build websites, APIs, interactive applications, and more.

  • 4

    Programming for Non-Programmers Bootcamp

    Are you a creative or entrepreneur that wishes you could speak tech with your web development team? Maybe you wish you could code a bit yourself? Programming for Non-Programmers is a bootcamp at Ge...

  • 5

    From Idea to Product: The Story of Joto

    Got budding ideas for a product, but still at day one and can't imagine where to go from here? Design studio Those became a hardware startup and embarked on an adventure to build Joto, the "Etch-A...

  • 6

    Find Work That Matters in 2017

    Think you could be doing something more exciting with the 40 hours a week you spend working, but not sure what to do or how to transition? The first step to doing work that matters is figuring out ...

  • 7

    Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is an incredibly fast-paced industry, which makes it challenging to stay on top of all the latest trends. New technology is always changing the way we interact with the world, and...

  • 8

    How To Achieve Successful Sponsorship

    QUESTIONS?  Call our team at Slingshot Sponsorship on +44 (0)207 226 5052 Attending one of our Sponsorship Sessions at Slingshot is the most direct and efficient way to address your…

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  • 9

    Friday Yoga: A Free Class

    Take a break from your screen in our free yoga class. This relaxing 45 minute session will focus on: opening the shoulders and hips, realignment, and strengthening your core. A perfect release for ...

  • 10

    Intermediate Excel: Formulas & Functions

    The Intermediate Excel: Formula and Functions workshop is designed for students who have mastered the material from the Excel at Excel workshop and are looking to build upon those skills. Given tha...

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