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1941-1950 of 2026 courses
  • 1

    ECDL Part 2

    This course is a natural progression if you have completed ECDL Part 1 and is divided into 4 modules: Word Processing, Spreadsheet Software, Presentation Software and Improving Productivity Using IT.

    Myhc 119220 140px
  • 2

    CIW Professional Web Design

    The following topics will be covered:Skills required to work effectively in a web technology role including - internet connection, web browsers, configuration for effective internet communication, ...

    Myhc 11590 140px
  • 3

    CISCO Networking Academy Program CNAP Certificate

    Network fundamentals and components; cable types, devices (routers, switches and hubs), topologies, infrastructures and protocols. Subsequent study includes CISCO IOS, routing protocols and traffic...

  • 4

    Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications

    Three Microsoft Office Specialist units would be studied between January and June. The cost for each unit would include the fee for the examination, support and facilitation by a dedicated member o...

    Myhc 153824 210px
  • 5

    Multimedia journalism course (ABC Certified)

    Our multimedia journalism course trains you to work in the fast-moving world of multimedia news. The days of journalists writing exclusively for newspapers and printed magazines are long gone. Th...

    About you 123871 140px
  • 6

    Photoshop - Beginners

    This course is for those who want to learn to manipulate digital images using the industry standard image editing software Adobe Photoshop CS5. You do not need previous experience of Photoshop to d...

    Myhc 88102 210px
  • 7

    CompTIA Strata

    CompTIA's Strata program offers fundamental to advanced certificates that validate a wide range of subjects in information technology (IT). Students and professionals holding a Strata certifica...

    Myhc 326370 140px
  • 9

    Cisco Certification Complete Training Bundle

    This training bundle prepares students for a range of Cisco examinations. Cisco is a highly respected organisation in the IT industry, and their certification is widely accepted as a demonstration ...

    About you 357594 140px

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