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Customer-centric and agile SaaS Pricing - Scale your profitability and accelerate your growth!

Our SaaS Startup Pricing Course is an ideal fit for a software startup that may have initially set prices based on the competition or an hypothesis about what price feels about right. Now that they are getting customers seeing value from their solution they are keen to revisit pricing as a revenue growth lever. Our attendees will be looking for an agile and customer-centric pricing framework that improves new customer sign up rates, helps you up-sell and cross sell existing customers whilst optimising your customer loyalty.

The practice-oriented and interactive course covers the following topics:

1. SaaS business model and metrics: How to manage your business.

2. The Pricing Canvas method: How to design your SaaS prices in six steps.

3. SaaS customer segments: How to find out the willingness-to-pay of your customers.

4. SaaS value proposition: How to create value for your customers.

5. SaaS cost structure and competition: How to calculate and compare.

6. SaaS pricing strategies: How to position, differentiate and bundle.

7. SaaS price model: How to design your tailor-made price model and individual offers.

The half-day course will be held on November 13, 2019 from 9am to 1pm in London in cooperation with Cobloom.

Typical positions of attendees of the course are: Founders and Co-Founders, Marketing and Sales Expert, Project Leader.

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