Freelance Freedom; How to Work Less and Earn More


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Freelancing is great right? More freedom, more money and a better work life balance?

That’s probably why you started your freelance business but is that what it’s currently giving you? When you’ve been freelancing for a while it can start to feel like your business is running you, instead of you running it!

It can seem like the only choice is between working all hours under the sun or not being able to pay the bills. It’s easy to lose passion for projects and get bored of working with the same old clients which

So how do you create a great work-life balance, attract the clients you love AND get paid what you’re worth?

In this talk, creative business coach Matt Essam will be sharing three powerful strategies he has learnt over the past 7 years of freelancing, working closely with some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Matt will be sharing strategies that will help you to stand out from the competition, work with clients you love and get paid well on a consistent basis.

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