Ethereum Developers Training Course- 2 Day Workshop


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This 2 day workshop is designed for developers, with a basic understanding of programming, wishing to learn and understand how to programme effectively on Ethereum. Its designed to blend the theories with practical exercises with attendees fully immersed in learning solidity.

will include the following learning modules:

A background to Blockchain and Ethereum- setting the scene
- Blockchains, Bitcoin, Proof of Work and Mining
- transactions and blocks
- Consensus algorithms
- defining Solidity principles and smart contracts

Ethereum and Smart Contracts Fundamentals
- Introduction to Ethereum
- Introduction to Smart Contracts
- Characteristics of Ester
- Hashing functions, Proof of Work, Proof of Stake
- Mist Browser
- Case-studies
- Exercise

- Introductions to solidity
- Solidity variables
- Solidity functions
- Solidity inheritance
- solidity modifiers
- Proxy Contracts
- Solidity Events
- Case-studies
- Exercise
- Q and A

Writing a Contract in Solidity
- Web3 Javascript API
- Setting up the contract development environment
- Contract Design Patterns
- Case-studies
- Q and A

What you learn on completion of the 2 day workshop

- the principles of how blockchain works
- Be able to confidently communicate the impact of blockchain to colleagues
- Understand how blockchain technologies are being used today to resolve business problems
- Recognise the regulator's view of blockchain
- Map a clear strategic roadmap to leverage the benefits of this new technology

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