Blockchain Core Concepts Masterclass- 1 Day Training Workshop


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Blockchain is an exciting decentralized, distributed ledger technology that has been popularised by the Bitcoin global cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology removes the reliance on a trusted third party to maintain a central ledger and whilst financial marketplaces have been the most widely used application at the time of writing, this is not the only type of transaction where it can improve business performance.

Theis workshop is a practical training day and will include the following learning modules

An introduction
- A brief history of Blockchain
- Why it matters?
- Existing technologies, terminology and case-studies

Business Application
- Public blockchain explained
- Game Theory explained
- Crypto funding models
- Marketplace business models

Blockchain for traditional business
- how do Private blockchains work
- An examination of case studies and examples

The Future of Blockchain
- Scaling
- mapping and legislation
- ethical considerations

What you learn on completion:

- the principles of how blockchain works
- Be able to confidently communicate the impact of blockchain to colleagues
- Understand how blockchain technologies are being used today to resolve business problems
- Recognise the regulator's view of blockchain
- Map a clear strategic roadmap to leverage the benefits of this new technology

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