Artificial Intelligence Core Concepts Workshop- 1 Day Training Masterclass


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This Artificial Intelligence workshop designed for learners wishing to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and how to use AI to optimize their company value chain and transform their customer’s journey including understanding the organizational, legal and ethical issues involved.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for both financial services professional and non-financial services professionals including corporate executives, marketers, IT specialists, CEO's, senior strategists and entrepreneurs. who wish to fully understand the practical applications of artificial intelligence to solve real business problems such reduced costs substantially by removing the need for middlemen, eliminating a lot of manual processing, increasing the speed of transactions and increasing business transparency.

Course Outline
The workshop will include the following learning modules

An introduction to Artificial Intelligence
- Understanding what we mean when we say machines think
- How does AI relate to the rest of predictive analytics?
- How AI works and its inherent limitations.

Algorithms explained
- What is an algorithm and what it does to data
- Different approaches in the journey from input to output.
- The history of AI as it has developed so matters

Types of AI algorithms and where they fit in an organization:
- Parametric vs. Non-parametric
- Supervised vs Unsupervised learning
- Large vs. small
- Ensemble algorithms
- Bayes made easy and intelligible for non maths executives.

The trade-offs
- bias, variance and irreducible error. Overfitting and underfitting
- Case-studies examined
- Live AI demo

Organisational issues:
- Preparing your data and cleaning your data,
- Infrastructure, strategies for the organization
- strategies for best practice implementation.

The future of AL
- Ethical issues
- Open Q&A and debate

What you learn on completion of the workshop:

- Understand the principles of how Artificial Intelligence works, its current limitations
- Be able to confidently communicate the current impact of AI in the workplace to colleagues
- Understand how AI solutions are being deployed today to resolve current business problems
- Recognise the regulator's view of AI
- Map a clear strategic roadmap to test Artificial Intelligence effective for your business

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