AI Ethics, Bias and Privacy Masterclass by leading Women in AI


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AI Ethics Masterclass with Ivana Bartoletti Twain Liu 刘秋艳 and Catalina Butnaru, run by leading Women in AI and hosted at EIT Digital. 21 March, London.

This Women in AI Masterclass is where you receive training into the practice of AI Ethics, privacy by design, and Bias Mitigation in Artificial Intelligence. The event is taking place at EIT Digital, the leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organization driving Europe’s digital transformation.

If you are a technologist, data scientist, product owners, AI project lead, product strategist or responsible for the Ethical compliance of your product, then this Masterclass is for you. Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, background or ethnicity.

During this women-led half-day masterclass you will learn, understand, and put in action frameworks for building bias-free, and ethically aligned AI products. This Masterclass is comprised of three sessions, covering ethics, privacy, and designing intelligent systems that are inclusive and easy to adopt, for the benefit of all.

Session 1: Security and privacy in AI with Ivana Bartoletti

Ivana Bartoletti is an International public speaker and commentator on privacy, digital rights, data ethics, the IoT and the governance of Artificial Intelligence - as well as equality and international affairs.

Ivana heads up the privacy & data protection Practice at Gemserv and advises businesses and organisations on compliance with privacy legislation at UK, EU and global level. She works across all sectors, from finance to adtech and within the energy market.

Session 2: Bias mitigation in AI with Twain Liu

Twain is the inventor of an AI system for people's subjective and objective perceptions, with a view to solving NLU. Her experiences included CEO-Chairman's office of UBS investment bank, where she worked on technology investments, corporate strategy for the Global Heads, and created and delivered the e-intelligence platform. She's a maths and business school graduate and a full-stack engineer.

Session 3: Minimum Ethical Product with Catalina Butnaru

Catalina Butnaru is a Women in AI Ambassador in London and the Ethics Track lead at city AI. She was part of the IEEE's Ethics in Action working groups drafting ethical standards for AI and Autonomous systems, and developing measures of transparency, wellbeing, and privacy in AI. She is developing an agile ethics design process to help teams expand their responsibility when developing AI systems that will positively impact individuals and society as a whole.

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